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Central London

Central London is a key driver for both London’s economy and the UK economy as a whole, comprising both the CAZ and Northern Isle of Dogs (see Policy SD4 The Central Activities Zone (CAZ) and Policy SD5 Offices, other strategic functions and residential development in the CAZ) and the closely related areas of Canada Water and City Fringe/Tech City. It contains a large number of OAs, many of which are maturing or underway and benefiting from successful development schemes that will be completed over the next few years.


Euston is a major national and commuter rail terminal with good public transport links to the rest of the CAZ. The existing mainline station is outdated, the local environment has areas of poor quality, and the over-station airspace and adjacent areas are underused. There is significant potential for intensification and an opportunity to comprehensively transform Euston and the immediate area into a world-class transport interchange and new residential and business district. Scope exists to reconfigure Euston Square Gardens and the bus station to enhance this space and improve transport facilities and to also complement the expanding knowledge quarter. This should support the area’s strengths in the Life Sciences and Tech industries. The ‘Euston Area Plan’ produced by the GLA, working with Transport for London and Camden Council was adopted in 2015.

HS2 has now received Royal Assent and options for the potential redevelopment of the existing station have come forward in addition to proposals for a Crossrail 2 interchange. This could greatly assist in improving interchange capacity in the longer term. Working with the station operators, the GLA and Camden Council, the Department for Transport is seeking to pool the various land interests and secure a development partner to assist in delivering a comprehensive redevelopment at Euston. A planning brief for the area around Euston Station is currently being produced.