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Policy G1 Green infrastructure


  1. London’s network of green and open spaces, and green features in the built environment such as green roofs and street trees, should be protected, planned, designed and managed as integrated features of green infrastructure.
  2. Boroughs should prepare green infrastructure strategies that integrate objectives relating to open space provision, biodiversity conservation, flood management, health and wellbeing, sport and recreation.
  3. Development Plans and Opportunity Area Planning Frameworks should:
    1. identify key green infrastructure assets, their function and their potential function
    2. identify opportunities for addressing environmental and social challenges through strategic green infrastructure interventions.

A green infrastructure approach recognises that the network of green spaces, street trees, green roofs and other major assets such as natural or semi-natural drainage features must be planned, designed and managed in a more integrated way to meet multiple objectives including: promoting mental and physical health and wellbeing; adapting to the impacts of climate change; improving air and water quality; encouraging walking and cycling; and conserving and enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience alongside more traditional functions of green space such as play, sport and recreation.

All development takes place within a wider environment and green infrastructure should be seen as an integral element and not as an ‘add-on’. Its economic and social value has become increasingly evident across all of London at all scales and has been highlighted in the London i-Tree Assessment[101] and the Natural Capital Account for London’s Public Parks[102].


[102] Published late 2017. Link unavailable at time of publication.

To help deliver on his manifesto commitment to make London at least 50 per cent green by 2050, the Mayor will review and update existing Supplementary Planning Guidance on the All London Green Grid – London’s strategic green infrastructure framework - to provide guidance on the strategic green infrastructure network and the preparation of green infrastructure strategies.