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Policy E6 Locally Significant Industrial Sites


  1. In their Development Plans, boroughs should:
    1. define detailed boundaries and policies for Locally Significant Industrial Sites (LSIS) in policies maps justified by evidence in local employment land reviews taking into account the scope for intensification, co-location and substitution (set out in Policy E7 Intensification, co-location and substitution of land for industry, logistics and services to support London’s economic function)
    2. make clear the range of industrial and related uses that are acceptable in LSIS including, where appropriate, hybrid or flexible B1c/B2/B8 suitable for SMEs and distinguish these from local employment areas that can accommodate a wider range of business uses.

Boroughs may designate locations that have particular local importance for industrial and related functions as Locally Significant Industrial Sites. These designations should be based on evidence in strategic and local demand assessments and should complement provision in SILs. Inner London sites providing sustainable distribution services for the Central Activities Zone and Northern Isle of Dogs may be particularly appropriate for this designation.