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Policy H8 Monitoring of affordable housing


  1. Boroughs are required to have clear monitoring processes to ensure that the affordable housing secured on or off site is delivered in line with the Section 106 agreement.
  2.  Monitoring processes should ensure that any cash in lieu payments are used to deliver additional affordable housing.
  3. Boroughs should ensure that where a review mechanism is triggered, it is implemented and the number of extra homes delivered, or cash in lieu secured is recorded.
  4. Boroughs must publish monitoring information on A-C annually to ensure transparency in the planning process and so the public know how funds are being spent. This information should be shared with the GLA so it can be part of the annual monitoring process.

Policy H5 Delivering affordable housing, Policy H6 Threshold approach to applications and Policy H7 Affordable housing tenure set out the approach to affordable housing delivery in London. It is crucial that the implementation of Section 106 agreements and the outcome of review mechanisms are monitored. Policy H8 Monitoring of affordable housing will ensure that boroughs have monitoring processes in place to implement Section 106 agreements and that the information is in the public domain.