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Policy H4 Meanwhile use


  1. Boroughs are encouraged to identify opportunities for the meanwhile use of sites for housing to make efficient use of land while it is awaiting longer-term development.

Meanwhile uses are a range of temporary uses on land and property awaiting longer-term development. Some vacant land is suitable for meanwhile use as housing. To make efficient use of land that would otherwise be left vacant, boroughs are encouraged to identify sites that are suitable for residential occupation to be used for meanwhile housing including land in both public and private ownership. Opportunities for the meanwhile use of land for housing on large-scale phased developments should be identified during the planning process. The meanwhile use of a site must not result in an unacceptable impact on residential amenity or prevent development sites from being brought forward for development in a timely fashion. Parameters for any meanwhile use, particularly its longevity and associated obligations, should be established from the outset and agreed by all parties.

Meanwhile housing can be provided in the form of precision-manufactured homes. This can reduce construction time and the units can potentially be reused at a later date on another site.

The time period for meanwhile uses will vary with site circumstances. Boroughs should consider starting the time period for the meanwhile use from the date of occupation rather than the date of planning permission, in order to support the viability and delivery of meanwhile housing developments.