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Policy H3 Monitoring housing targets


  1. The ten-year housing targets set out in Table 4.1 should be monitored in net terms taking into account homes lost through demolition or change of use.
  2. Net housing delivery on sites of less than 0.25 hectares should contribute towards achieving the small sites targets in Table 4.2.
  3. Net non-self-contained accommodation for students and shared living schemes should count towards meeting housing targets on the basis of a 3:1 ratio, with three bedrooms being counted as a single home.
  4. Net non-self-contained accommodation for older people (C2 use class) should count towards meeting housing targets on the basis of a 1:1 ratio, with each bedroom being counted as a single home.

The annual averages in Table 4.1 provide a benchmark for assessing the direction of travel towards ten-year housing targets both across London and by borough. There will inevitably be variations in completions from one year to the next, as well as a degree of uncertainty in the delivery and phasing of large sites. Therefore, the Mayor will monitor both housing completions and the net pipeline of approved homes when assessing progress towards delivering the London Plan housing targets (see Chapter 12 - Monitoring).

The Mayor will work closely with boroughs on their housing trajectories and Development Plans to ensure these targets are planned for effectively, particularly where issues are identified in terms of completions and the development pipeline.

Given that London Plan targets have increased significantly from the last London Plan to address housing need, it is the Mayor’s view that the Government’s proposed housing delivery test should not unfairly penalise boroughs where housing delivery has been constrained due to factors that are outside their control. For example, where key allocations or approval sites are expected to make a significant contribution to housing targets but have stalled due to non-planning related reasons, or will come forward later in the 10-year period. Housing completions against the London Plan small sites target are also likely to increase over time, as Policy H2 Small sites is implemented, so this should be taken into account when monitoring housing delivery during the early years of the Plan. The approach to monitoring net housing provision from different forms of non-self-contained accommodation is based on the amount of self-contained housing this form of supply will free up[42].

[42] For more detail on this see the 2017 SHLAA report.