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Policy H14 Supported and specialised accommodation


  1. The delivery, retention and refurbishment of supported and specialised housing which meets an identified need should be supported. The form this takes will vary, and it should be designed to satisfy the requirements of the specific use or group it is intended for, whilst providing options within the accommodation offer for the diversity of London’s population, including disabled Londoners (see Policy D5 Accessible housing). Supported and specialised accommodation could include:
    1. move-on accommodation for people leaving hostels, refuges and other supported housing, to enable them to live independently
    2. accommodation for young people
    3. re-ablement accommodation (intensive short-term) for people who are ready to be discharged from hospital but who require additional support to be able to return safely to live independently at home, or to move into appropriate long-term accommodation
    4. accommodation for disabled people (including people with physical and sensory impairments and learning difficulties) who require additional support or for whom living independently is not possible.
    5. accommodation (short-term or long-term) for people with mental health issues who require intensive support
    6. accommodation for rough sleepers
    7. accommodation for victims of domestic abuse
    8. accommodation for victims of violence against women and girls.

Boroughs should undertake assessments of the short and long-term needs for supported and specialised accommodation within their borough. Existing accommodation options available within boroughs should be audited identifying any shortages in capacity or potential extra capacity within schemes, as well as accommodation in need of refurbishment. Boroughs should then use this information to plan to meet identified need, working with relevant authorities, such as children’s and adult services, the NHS and relevant charities. For some groups, need may be best met on a multi-borough or pan-London basis.