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Policy T6.4 Hotel and leisure uses parking


  1. In the CAZ and locations with a PTAL 4-6, any on-site provision should be limited to operational needs, disabled persons parking and parking required for taxis, coaches and deliveries or servicing.
  2. In locations of PTAL 0-3, schemes should be assessed on a case-by-case basis and provision should be consistent with the Healthy Streets Approach, mode share and active travel targets, and the aim to improve public transport reliability and reduce congestion and traffic levels.
  3. All operational parking must provide infrastructure for electric or other Ultra-Low Emission vehicles, including active charging points for all taxi spaces.
  4. Disabled persons parking should be provided as set out in Policy T6.5 Non-residential disabled persons parking.

Hotels and leisure uses should be located in accessible locations to encourage walking and cycling and public transport use.