Policy 2.10 Central Activities Zone - strategic priorities



A  The Mayor will, and boroughs and other relevant strategic partners should:

a  enhance and promote the unique international, national and Londonwide roles of the Central Activities Zone (CAZ), supporting the distinct offer of the Zone based on a rich mix of local as well as strategic uses and forming the globally iconic core of one of the world’s most attractive and competitive business locations

b  in appropriate quarters shown on Map 2.3, bring forward development capacity and supporting infrastructure and services to sustain and enhance the CAZ’s varied strategic functions without compromising the attractions of residential neighbourhoods where more local uses predominate

Map 2.3 The CAZ Diagram

Map 2.3 The CAZ Diagram

c  sustain and enhance the City of London and, although formally outside the CAZ (see para. 2.55) the Isle of Dogs as strategically important, globally-oriented financial and business services centres

d  sustain and enhance the distinctive environment and heritage of the CAZ, recognising both its strategic components such as the River Thames, the Royal Parks, World Heritage Sites, designated views and more local features including the public realm and historic heritage, smaller open spaces and distinctive buildings, through high quality design and urban management

e  in appropriate parts of the CAZ and the related area in the north of the Isle of Dogs, ensure that development of office provision is not strategically constrained and that provision is made for a range of occupiers especially the strategically important financial and business services

f  support and improve the retail offer of CAZ for residents, workers and visitors, especially Knightsbridge and the West End as global shopping destinations

g  sustain and manage the attractions of CAZ as the world’s leading visitor destination

h  bring forward and implement development frameworks for CAZ opportunity and intensification areas (see Policy 2.13) to benefit local communities as well as providing additional high quality, strategic development capacity

i  enhance the strategically vital linkages between CAZ and labour markets within and beyond London in line with objectives to secure sustainable development of the wider city region

j   address issues of environmental quality raised by the urban heat island effect and realise the unique potential for district energy networks

k  co-ordinate management of nearby industrial capacity to meet the distinct needs of CAZ

l   improve infrastructure for public transport, walking and cycling, and optimise development and regeneration benefits they can support (particularly arising from Crossrail).

B  The Mayor will and boroughs should, use the CAZ boundary shown diagrammatically in Map 2.3 as the basis for co-ordinating policy to address the unique issues facing the Zone. The detailed boundary should be defined in DPDs and the Mayor will work closely with boroughs and other stakeholders to prepare Supplementary Planning Guidance to co-ordinate implementation of strategic policy in its unique circumstances.

Supporting text

See policy 2.11

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