Policy 6.15 Strategic rail freight interchanges


Planning decisions

A  The provision of strategic rail freight interchanges should be supported, including enabling the potential of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link to be exploited for freight serving London and the wider region.

B  These facilities must:

a  deliver modal shift from road to rail

b  minimize any adverse impact on the wider transport network

c  be well-related to rail and road corridors capable of accommodating the anticipated level of freight movements

d  be well-related to their proposed markets.

Supporting text

6.50  The advice of the former Strategic Rail Authority that there needs to be a network of strategic rail freight interchanges in and around London still applies. If these facilities result in a modal shift from road to rail, they can offer substantial savings in CO2 emissions. However, they are by their nature large facilities that can often only be located in the Green Belt. In addition, while reducing the overall impact on the network, they can lead to substantial increases in traffic near the interchange itself.  The Mayor will need to see robust evidence that the emissions savings and overall reduction in traffic movements are sufficient to justify any loss of Green Belt, in accordance with Policy 7.16, and localised increases in traffic movements. However, planning permission has already been granted for a SRFI at Howbury Park on the edge of Bexley in South East London and an opportunity exists for an intermodal facility in the Renwick Road/Ripple road area of Barking and Dagenham to make provision for north east London without the need to utilise Green Belt land

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