Policy 6.11 Smoothing traffic flow and tackling congestion



A  The Mayor wishes to see DPDs and Local Implementation Plans (LIPs) take a coordinated approach to smoothing traffic flow and tackling congestion through implementation of the recommendations of the Roads Task Force report. The Mayor will use his powers where appropriate.

LDF preparation

B  DPDs should develop an integrated package of measures drawn from the following:

a  promoting local services and e-services to reduce the need to travel

b  improving the extent and quality of pedestrian and cycling routes

c  making greater use of the Blue Ribbon Network

d  improving the extent and quality of public transport

e  developing intelligent transport systems to convey information to transport users

f  developing integrated and comprehensive travel planning advice

g  promoting and encouraging car sharing and car clubs

h  smoothing traffic flow to improve journey time reliability

i  applying the London street-types framework to ensure that the needs of street users and improvements to the public realm are dealt with in a co-ordinated way

j  promoting efficient and sustainable arrangements for the transportation and delivery of freight.

Supporting text

6.39  Smoothing traffic flow is the Mayor’s broad approach to managing traffic and the road network. The Roads Task Force report – endorsed by the Mayor – sets out how this approach must be based on the three core aims of transforming conditions for walking, cycling and public transport; delivering better, active and inclusive places and new city destinations; and maintaining an efficient road network for movement and access. TfL is currently developing more detailed proposals to take this work forward with boroughs and other key stakeholders.

6.39A   There is an urgent need to deliver against all three of these aims in order to tackle impacts on health, climate change and the economy. Improved public transport, better management of the road network, smarter travel initiatives and support for a shift to walking and cycling, in accordance with the policies in this Plan, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and the Roads Task Force Report[1], will help mitigate the congestion impacts of population and economic growth. This approach will ensure more reliable journey times on the road network than would otherwise be the case, support a more liveable city and help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollutants. If these measures prove unsuccessful the principle of road-user charging as a demand management tool may need to be examined, but the Mayor has made clear his view that he does not envisage doing so during his term of office.

[1]     www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/projectsandschemes/28187.aspx

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