Policy 6.7 Better streets and surface transport



A  The Mayor will work with TfL and boroughs to implement Londonwide improvements to the quality of bus, bus transit and tram services.

LDF preparation

B  DPDs should promote bus, bus transit and tram networks, including:

a  allocating road space and providing high level of priority on existing or proposed routes

b  ensuring good access to and within areas served by networks, now and in future

c  ensuring direct, secure, accessible and pleasant walking routes to stops

d  implementing TfL’s Accessible Bus Stop Design Guidance

e  ensuring standing, garaging and drivers’ facilities are provided where needed

f  making provision for retaining or creating new interchanges where appropriate.

Supporting text

6.31  Buses are, and are likely to remain, the dominant mode of public transport in London, particularly in outer London (see Policy 2.8). Ensuring that the needs of the bus (or bus transit or trams) are catered for will help to deliver an improved journey for bus passengers, leading to a virtuous circle of increasing bus use. There are two other road-based public transport modes, bus transits and trams, which share many of the characteristics of buses. As such the approach to all three modes is essentially the same. The bus transit scheme in east London will boost public transport capacity. Trams also play an important role in outer south London. As well as seeking improvements to the quality of service and capacity provided by the Tramlink network the Mayor will investigate potential benefits of extensions to it. TfL will undertake reviews of the strategic priorities for the bus network approximately every five years to ensure it reflects the pace of development in London, responds to the challenges and opportunities of growth, and aligns with the London Plan. Development proposals affecting bus capacity, bus transits, or trams should normally be required to contribute towards mitigating their impacts through the use of planning obligations (see Policy 8.2).

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