Policy 7.20 Geological conservation


Planning decisions

A  Development proposals should:

a  wherever possible, make a positive contribution to the protection and enhancement of geodiversity

b  be resisted where they have significant adverse impact on sites with existing or proposed European or national designations in accordance with Government guidance

c   protect regionally important geological sites (RIGS)

d   give locally important geological sites (LIGS) the level of protection commensurate with their importance

LDF preparation

B  In their LDFs Boroughs should:

a  establish clear goals for the management of identified sites to promote public access, appreciation and the interpretation of geodiversity

b  ensure sites of European, national or regional conservation importance are clearly identified

c  use the guidance set out in London’s Foundations (2012) and work with appropriate organisations to investigate additional sites that may be of value in the local area and afford them the appropriate level of protection in LDFs.

Supporting text

7.63  New development should have regard to the conservation of geological features and should take opportunities to achieve gains for conservation through the form and design of development. Where development is proposed which would affect an identified geological site the approach should be to avoid adverse impact to the geological interest.  If this is not possible, the design should seek to retain some of the geological Interest and enhance this where possible, for example by incorporating permanent sections within the design. The negative impacts of development should be minimised and any residual impacts mitigated. On behalf of the London Geodiversity Partnership, and working with Natural England, the Mayor has published London’s Foundations as implementation guidance to advise boroughs on fulfilling their statutory duty set out in paragraphs 109 and 117 of the NPPF to protect geodiversity. The Mayor will continue to work with all relevant partners to identify regionally important geological sites.

Map 7.4 recommended RIGs in London

Map 7.4 recommended RIGs in London

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