Policy 7.24 Blue Ribbon Network



A  The Blue Ribbon Network is a strategically important series of linked spaces. It should contribute to the overall quality and sustainability of London by prioritizing uses of the waterspace and land alongside it safely for water related purposes, in particular for passenger and freight transport. Regard should be paid to the Thames River Basin Management Plan and the emerging marine planning regime and the Marine Policy Statement. 

Supporting text

7.71  The Blue Ribbon Network is multi-functional. It provides a transport corridor, drainage and flood management, a source of water, discharge of treated effluent, a series of diverse and important habitats, green infrastructure, heritage value, recreational opportunities and important landscapes and views. The starting point for consideration of development and use of the Blue Ribbon Network and land alongside it must be the water. The water is the unique aspect and consideration must initially be given as to how it can be used, maintained and improved.

7.72  The Environment Agency has published the first Thames River Basin Management Plan. This covers all the waterbodies within London.  It includes actions, which aim to improve their ecological status and potential (see paragraph 5.58).

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