Royal Docks


7.103  The size and scale of the water spaces of the Royal Docks are unique in London and form an important part of the character and distinctiveness of east London. Improving public access to and activity on these water spaces can support the regeneration of the surrounding area and contribute to the creation of new jobs and homes. To help achieve this, development into parts of these water spaces may facilitate this transformation, provided that any such development maintains the visual integrity, openness and historic character of the relevant dock and provided that navigation, hydrology, flood risk management and biodiversity are not compromised.

7.104  London City Airport places significant demands on London’s public transport system and strategic road network. The Mayor will therefore work with the airport’s owners and operators, relevant boroughs and other partners to explore how passengers and staff could make better use of London’s waterways; for example by establishing direct river boat connections to central London and Canary Wharf, and providing, connecting to, or contributing to piers and services.

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