Introduction to Chapter 7

Chapter seven: London’s living spaces and places

7.1  This chapter sets out policies on a range of issues about the places and spaces in which Londoners live, work and visit that are integral to delivery of the Mayor’s vision and objectives set out in Chapter 1, but in particular those that London should be:

  • A city of diverse, strong, secure and accessible neighbourhoods to which Londoners feel attached, which provide all of its residents, workers, visitors and students – whatever their origin, background, age or status – with opportunities to realise and express their potential and a high quality environment for individuals to enjoy, live together and thrive.
  • A city that delights the senses and takes care over its buildings and streets, having the best of modern architecture while also making the most of London’s built heritage, and which makes the most of and extends its wealth of open and green spaces, natural environment and waterways, realising its potential for improving Londoners’ health, welfare and development.

7.2  This chapter focuses on a broad range of policy areas that impact directly on how people perceive and use the places they live in, work in and visit. The quality and function of neighbourhoods and places, access, heritage, local character, landscapes, inclusive design, safety, security and resilience, green infrastructure, biodiversity, air quality, soundscapes and the Blue Ribbon Network all contribute towards making London a special place and improve quality of life.

7.3  Achieving this requires wide-ranging policies and actions and therefore goes beyond the themes of this chapter. It also requires action on issues outside the scope of the London Plan and will be addressed in other mayoral strategies and programmes, for example action on crime and anti-social behaviour.

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