Policy 7.23 Burial spaces



A  The Mayor will work with boroughs, cemetery providers and other key stakeholders to protect existing burial spaces and to promote their re-use or new provision.

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B  Boroughs should ensure provision is made for London’s burial needs, including the needs of those groups for whom burial is the only option. Provision should be based on the principle of proximity to local communities and reflect the different requirements for types of provision. 

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7.68  Some boroughs have either run out of, or are about to run out of burial space. For inner and central London boroughs this means requiring provision in outer London or beyond, and this can cause serious problems of access and cost. This tends to have a disproportionate effect on London’s poorest communities. To ensure it is retained as a choice for Londoners, boroughs should continue to make provision for burial. Besides making new provision, the re-use of graves can also provide some additional capacity. Both Section 74 of the London Local Authorities Act (2007) and Section 25 of the Burial Act (1857) allow the re-use of graves in certain circumstances and boroughs are encouraged to actively examine the potential re-use offers them. Woodland burial sites with public access can provide additional links to London’s green infrastructure.

7.69  Work carried out on a national level in 2005[1] indicated that local authority cemeteries in London only had an average of 12 years supply remaining, although the figures in different areas varied widely. The Mayor, in conjunction with cemetery providers and other key stakeholders has established the current situation[2] and identified barriers to supply and any necessary changes to planning policy. These issues will be considered in forthcoming Supplementary Planning Guidance.

[1]  Ministry of Justice Burial Grounds: the results of a survey of Burial Grounds in England and Wales. MoJ 2007

[2]  Mayor of London An audit of London Burial Provision. GLA 2011

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