Policy 7.22 Land for food


A  The Mayor will seek to encourage and support thriving farming and land-based sectors in London, particularly in the Green Belt.

B  Use of land for growing food will be encouraged nearer to urban communities via such mechanisms as ‘Capital Growth’.

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C  Boroughs should protect existing allotments. They should identify other potential spaces that could be used for commercial food production or for community gardening, including for allotments and orchards. Particularly in inner and central London innovative approaches to the provision of spaces may need to be followed, these could include the use of green roofs. 

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7.66  Providing land for food growing will have many benefits, it will help promote more active lifestyles, better diets and food security, social benefits and support for local food growers. Agriculture is an appropriate use in the Green Belt and farmers adopting agri-environmental stewardship schemes will deliver good environmental practice, including longer term biodiversity benefits, particularly in the urban fringe. The Mayor’s ‘Food Strategy’ [1]provides more detailed information on local food production. The implementation priorities of the Food Strategy have recently been reviewed and initiatives are being progressed that will develop the markets for local food. For example, encouraging public sector procurement of local and sustainable food and engaging with managers of wholesale markets on mechanisms for local food sourcing.

7.67  Capital Growth aims to transform the capital with 2,012 new food growing spaces by 2012. The scheme identifies suitable patches of land around London and offers financial and practical support to groups of enthusiastic gardeners or organisations that want to grow food for themselves and for the local community. These spaces also help to compensate for the lack of statutory allotments in inner and central London. London Food, the Mayor’s advisory board will continue to encourage the development of the land-based sector in London.

[1]     The Mayor’s Food Strategy LDA 2006

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