Policy 7.16 Green Belt



A  The Mayor strongly supports the current extent of London’s Green Belt, its extension in appropriate circumstances and its protection from inappropriate development.

Planning decisions

B  The strongest protection should be given to London’s Green Belt, in accordance with national guidance. Inappropriate development should be refused, except in very special circumstances. Development will be supported if it is appropriate and helps secure the objectives of improving the Green Belt as set out in national guidance.

Supporting text

7.55  Paragraphs 79-92 of the NPPF give clear policy guidance on the functions the Green Belt performs, its key characteristics, acceptable uses and how its boundaries should be altered, if necessary. Green Belt has an important role to play as part of London’s multifunctional green infrastructure and the Mayor is keen to see improvements in its overall quality and accessibility.  Such improvements are likely to help human health, biodiversity and improve overall quality of life. Positive management of the Green Belt is a key to improving its quality and hence its positive benefits for Londoners. Boroughs with landscape designations (such as AONBs) should follow the advice of NPPF paragraph 113.

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