Policy 7.9 Heritage-led regeneration



A  Regeneration schemes should identify and make use of heritage assets and reinforce the qualities that make them significant so they can help stimulate environmental, economic and community regeneration. This includes buildings, landscape features, views, Blue Ribbon Network and public realm.

Planning decisions

B  The significance of heritage assets should be assessed when development is proposed and schemes designed so that the heritage significance is recognised both in their own right and as catalysts for regeneration. Wherever possible heritage assets (including buildings at risk) should be repaired, restored and put to a suitable and viable use that is consistent with their conservation and the establishment and maintenance of sustainable communities and economic vitality.

LDF Preparation

C  Boroughs should support the principles of heritage-led regeneration in LDF policies

Supporting text

7.33  Based on an understanding of the value and significance of heritage assets, the sensitive and innovative use of historic assets within local regeneration should be encouraged. Schemes like Townscape Heritage Initiatives, Heritage Lottery Fund, Heritage Economic Regeneration Schemes or Buildings at Risk Grants can play an important role in fostering regeneration of historic areas while also promoting the maintenance and management of heritage assets and developing community appreciation of them.

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