Policy 5.4 Retrofitting



A  The environmental impact of existing urban areas should be reduced through policies and programmes that bring existing buildings up to the Mayor’s standards on sustainable design and construction.  In particular, programmes should reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve the efficiency of resource use (such as water) and minimise the generation of pollution and waste from existing building stock.

LDF preparation

B  Within LDFs boroughs should develop policies and proposals regarding the sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings.  In particular they should identify opportunities for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the existing building stock by identifying potential synergies between new developments and existing buildings through the retrofitting of energy efficiency measures, decentralised energy and renewable energy opportunities (see Policies 5.5 and 5.7).

Supporting text

5.29  Retrofitting buildings can make a significant contribution to the climate change and resource management aims of this Plan – for example, London’s existing domestic buildings contribute 36 per cent of the region’s carbon dioxide emissions alone.  Along with other non-domestic buildings, retrofitting the existing building stock presents a significant opportunity to help meet the strategic carbon dioxide reduction target of 60 per cent by 2025.

5.30  Policy 5.4 applies the principles in Policy 5.3 to existing building stock where retrofit opportunities arise (for example, large estate refurbishments). The Mayor supports an integrated, multi-agency approach, to promote the retrofitting of existing buildings, and where possible policies and programmes supporting zero carbon development and deployment of decentralised energy should also be applied to existing buildings. The Mayor will support measures through the Building Regulations and other regulatory and funding mechanisms to improve the performance of London’s existing buildings, increase energy and water efficiency, and to make full use of technologies such as decentralised energy and renewable energy.

5.31  Further details regarding programmes for retrofitting can be found in the Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy and in the London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. The London Housing Strategy also outlines actions to retrofit existing homes with an emphasis on increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, useful guidance for retrofitting existing homes is provided in the report Your home in a changing climate published by the Three Regions Climate Change Group[1], and on English Heritage’s climate change website[2].

[1] Three Regions Climate Change Group. Your home in a changing climate- report for policy makers. 2008

[2] www.climatechangeandyourhome.org.uk