Policy 5.1 Climate change migration



A  The Mayor seeks to achieve an overall reduction in London’s carbon dioxide emissions of 60 per cent (below 1990 levels) by 2025. It is expected that the GLA Group, London boroughs and other organisations will contribute to meeting this strategic reduction target, and the GLA will monitor progress towards its achievement annually.

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B  Within LDFs boroughs should develop detailed policies and proposals that promote and are consistent with the achievement of the Mayor’s strategic carbon dioxide emissions reduction target for London.

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5.13  The UK is the world’s eighth largest emitter of carbon dioxide, and London is responsible for 8.4 per cent of these emissions (the latest annual estimate is 44.71 million tonnes[1]). On a business as usual basis it is expected that annual carbon dioxide emissions will actually fall to 40.34 million tonnes by 2025 (a 10 per cent decrease on 1990 levels)[2]. London also has the lowest domestic carbon dioxide emissions per person per year, at 2.26 tonnes, and the joint lowest transport emission rate per person, at 1.38 tonnes, of all the UK regions[3]. This is largely due to the higher use of public transport and the density of development in London.

5.14  There is growing scientific consensus that stabilising atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions to levels at or below 450 parts per million is required to avoid catastrophic climate change. The strategic target in Policy 5.1 represents the emissions reduction required in London as a contribution to stabilising the world’s emissions at this level by 2050. As part of the Climate Change Act 2008 the Government established a target to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 and has proposed carbon budgets as a means to work towards this UK target.

5.15  The strategic target in Policy 5.1 will be extremely challenging but it will be achievable with the full commitment and collaboration of all stakeholders, particularly national government. Progress will be kept under review to ensure that policies and programmes set out in the Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy are on track. Overall, the most substantial emissions savings London can make will come from initiatives to decarbonise its energy supply and to reduce the emissions from the existing building stock. In the planning context, the Mayor expects that all new development will fully contribute towards the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, and this will be principally achieved through the application of Policy 5.2 and the Mayor’s energy hierarchy. Further information regarding how the Mayor expects London to achieve this strategic target is outlined in the Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy.

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