Policy 5.22 Hazardous substances and installations



A  The Mayor will work with all relevant partners to ensure that hazardous substances, installations and materials are managed in ways that limit risks to London’s people and environment. He will consider publishing supplementary guidance to support the application of this policy.

Planning decisions

B  When assessing developments near hazardous installations:

a  site specific circumstances and proposed mitigation measures should be taken into account when applying the Health and Safety Executive’s Planning Advice Developments near Hazardous Installations (PADHI)[1] methodology

b  the risks should be balanced with the benefits of development and should take account of existing patterns of development.

LDF preparation

C  In preparing LDFs, boroughs should:

a  identify the locations of major hazards (including pipelines carrying hazardous substances)

b  consult and give due weight to advice from the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that land use allocations take account of proximity to major hazards

c  consult utilities to ensure that the timing of decommissioning and the implications for development are reflected in proposals

d  ensure that land use allocations for hazardous installations take account of the need to incentivise and fund decommissioning.

D  Boroughs should periodically review consents granted under the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990 to ensure they reflect current conditions and the physical capacity of the site.

[1] PADHI – HSE’s Planning Land Use Methodology Health and Safety Executive September 2009

Supporting text

5.96  The EU Directive on the prevention of major accidents involving hazardous substances requires land use policies to take prevention and minimisation of consequences into account. Where appropriate, advice should be sought from the Health and Safety Executive. Development decisions should take account of CLG Circular 04/00 Planning Controls for Hazardous Substances and the guidance in paragraph 109 of the NPPF (specifically the fourth bullet point). The Mayor will consider producing supplementary guidance supporting the application of these principles in the particular circumstances of London.

5.96A  London boroughs are hazardous substances authorities for the purposes of the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990 and associated regulations. Under these provisions they grant consents for hazardous installations, specifying the nature and quantity of hazardous substances that can be kept at each. It is important that these consents are kept under review to ensure that changes that could affect the location of development around installations (such as utilities’ plans to decommission gas holders) are taken into account. The Mayor will provide further guidance on this issue.

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