Policy 5.21 Contaminated land



A  The Mayor supports the remediation of contaminated sites and will work with strategic partners to ensure that the development of brownfield land does not result in significant harm to human health or the environment, and to bring contaminated land to beneficial use.

Planning decisions

B  Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that development on previously contaminated land does not activate or spread contamination.

LDF preparation

C  LDFs should encourage the remediation of contaminated sites and set out policy to deal with contamination. 

Supporting text

5.95  In a city where space is increasingly at a premium, it is essential that wherever practicable, brownfield sites – including those affected by contamination – should be recycled into new uses. This also provides an opportunity to deal with any threats to health and the environment posed by contamination. Any land that is affected by contamination, whether or not identified under the regulations, may require measures to prevent contamination being activated or spread when building takes place.

5.95A  Where potentially contaminating activities are proposed, development should include appropriate measures to mitigate any potential harmful effects.

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