Policy 5.18 Construction, excavation and demolition waste


Planning decisions

A  New construction, excavation and demolition (CE&D) waste management facilities should be encouraged at existing waste sites, including safeguarded wharves, and supported by:

a  using mineral extraction sites for CE&D recycling

b  ensuring that major development sites are required to recycle CE&D waste on-site, wherever practicable, supported through planning conditions.

B  Waste should be removed from construction sites, and materials brought to the site, by water or rail transport wherever that is practicable.

LDF preparation

C  LDFs should require developers to produce site waste management plans to arrange for the efficient handling of CE&D waste and materials. 

Supporting text

5.88  Re-use and recycling rates for construction, excavation and demolition (CE&D) waste in London are already high – estimated at 82 per cent for 2008. Nevertheless, the Mayor believes that there is room for improvement. Policy 5.16 sets a target of 95 per cent for recycling/ reuse of CE&D waste by 2020, and the Mayor supports more beneficial and higher order uses of this inert waste, for example, in conjunction with land reclamation or coastal defences. A combination of on-site mobile facilities on construction sites, effective use of existing waste processing sites and, where appropriate, safeguarded wharves, and the provision of recycling facilities at aggregate extraction sites, should be capable of meeting the anticipated future requirement within London to achieve a more beneficial re-use of this material.

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