Policy 3.9 Mixed and balanced communities


A  Communities mixed and balanced by tenure and household income should be promoted across London through incremental small scale as well as larger scale developments which foster social diversity, redress social exclusion and strengthen communities’ sense of responsibility for, and identity with, their neighbourhoods. They must be supported by effective and attractive design, adequate infrastructure and an enhanced environment.

B  A more balanced mix of tenures should be sought in all parts of London, particularly in some neighbourhoods where social renting predominates and there are concentrations of deprivation.

Supporting text

3.58  The Mayor is concerned that there should be no segregation of London’s population by housing tenure. London’s legacy of mono-tenure estates has in some cases contributed to concentrations of deprivation and worklessness. Coupled with some housing trends and management practices, these have been exacerbated by the tendency for new social housing to be built in the areas where it is already concentrated. Conversely, market homes have tended to be developed in areas with very little social housing[1]. The affordable rent product should be applied so as to help achieve the objectives of this Policy. Local Authorities’ allocation policies, tenancy strategies and homelessness strategies will also be important tools in delivering this aim.

3.59  The London Housing Strategy outlines how management and investment in mono-tenure estates can contribute to the creation of more mixed and balanced communities. The planning system should support this process. Infill schemes in predominantly social housing estates should primarily be targeted for intermediate and market housing. New social housing development should be encouraged in areas where it is currently under represented. These are essentially local matters for boroughs to address in light of their local circumstances because the key concern is the concentrations of deprivation in individual, or groups, of mono-tenure estates rather than the overall level of social renting in a borough.

3.60  Policy 3.5 requires the design of new development to help create a more socially inclusive London. The Housing SPG provides guidance on implementing this policy including support for boroughs to resist forms of development which might compromise it, such as gated communities.

[1]  Mayor of London LHS 2010 op cit

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