Policy 3.13 Affordable housing thresholds


Planning decisions and LDF preparation

A  Boroughs should normally require affordable housing provision on a site which has capacity to provide 10 or more homes, applying the density guidance set out in Policy 3.4 of this Plan and Table 3.2.

B  Boroughs are encouraged to seek a lower threshold through the LDF process where this can be justified in accordance with guidance, including circumstances where this will enable proposals for larger dwellings in terms of floorspace to make an equitable contribution to affordable housing provision.

Supporting text

3.77  Small developments make an important contribution to housing provision in London and must continue to help meet London’s need for affordable as well as market housing. Affordable housing policy requirements should be applied across all the provision arising from sites which have the capacity to provide 10 or more homes. Boroughs are encouraged to set a lower threshold where appropriate in light of their local circumstances[1]. The capacity of sites should be assessed on the basis of Policy 3.4.

3.78  Affordable housing policy should be implemented in circumstances where application of Policy 3.4 to a site or other development opportunity would normally provide capacity for 10 or more homes but a proposal, such as one for larger homes, reduces this output below the affordable housing requirement threshold. Boroughs should ensure that such proposals make an equitable contribution to meeting affordable housing needs by applying affordable housing policy to all the capacity in terms of units which might normally be expected to come forward from the site through application of Policy 3.4. In this process boroughs may wish to draw on the space standards set out in Policy 3.5 and further detail in the Housing SPG. Guidance on affordable housing requirements in connection with provision for older Londoners and student accommodation is included in paragraphs 3.51 and 3.52-3.53B of this Plan.

[1]     Thresholds for application of application of affordable housing requirements. GLA and GOL, 2003

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