Housing (text from London Plan Chapter 3)


3.13  The Mayor is clear that London desperately needs more homes in order to promote opportunity and real choice for all Londoners, with a range of tenures that meets their diverse and changing needs and at prices they can afford. To achieve these aims, he is committed to taking effective steps to encourage the provision of new homes through the policies in this Plan (which deal with identifying housing need and capacity to help meet this) and in his London Housing Strategy (which deals, among other things, with detailed questions of investment and delivery for which he has particular responsibility).

3.14  With a growing population and more households, delivering more homes for Londoners meeting a range of needs, of high design quality and supported by the social infrastructure essential to a good quality of life will be a particular priority over the period covered by the Plan. This section of the Plan brings together policies on housing requirements and supply (including affordable housing), design and quality. It also covers social infrastructure, such as health, education and sports.

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