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Social Infrastructure

The Mayor has published supplementary planning guidance (SPG) on social infrastructure. 

Social infrastructure includes a wide range of services and facilities, including:

  • health
  • education
  • community
  • cultural
  • play
  • recreation and sports facilities
  • faith
  • emergency facilities
  • many other local services and facilities that contribute to quality of life.

What guidance does the SPG provide?

 The guidance:

  • gives a range of information sources to evaluate need for social infrastructure at the strategic planning level, starting with the GLA’s own demographic projections
  • emphasises the need for planning across services to ensure social infrastructure meets the broader built environment aims of the London Plan
  • provides advice on planning for Lifetime Neighbourhoods
  • describes Department of Health models for service delivery in a way that should help planners and health professionals to communicate with each other
  • sets targets for the provision of burial space based upon projections of need and existing capacity as set out in the 2011 Audit of London Burial Provision
  • provides a comprehensive range of resources for assessing applications for social infrastructure

Which London Plan policies does the document provide guidance on?

The Social Infrastructure SPG provides guidance on London Plan policies 3.16, 3.17, 3.18 and 3.19

The document

The Social Infrastructure SPG can be downloaded using the following link:

Social Infrastructure SPG


The Mayor published the Social Infrastructure SPG for public consultation for a period of 12 weeks from until the 5 October 2014.

More information on the consultation can be found on the following link: