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Safeguarded Wharves Review

The Mayor’s approach is set out in the ‘Safeguarded Wharves on the River Thames: London Plan Implementation Report 2005’. In 2011 work began on a review of the safeguarded wharves and is likely to be developed as part of the Full Review of the London Plan.

Safeguarded Wharves: London Plan Implementation Report 2005

The Safeguarded Wharves review from 2005 can be found on the below link.

Safeguarded Wharves on the River Thames: London Plan Implementation Report

This led to the confirmation/issuing of related Safeguarded Wharves Directions by the Secretary of State. These Directions require that all planning applications affecting the wharves must be referred to the Mayor. All Directions can be found on the Safeguarded Wharves Direction page.

Safeguarded Wharves Review 2011/2013

In October 2011 the Mayor published a consultation setting out the results of a review of the safeguarding of wharves on London's waterways in partnership with Transport for London (TfL), the Port of London Authority and the Canal and River Trust. The Review concluded with an overview of proposed ways to address identified future capacity surpluses and deficits, and recommendations for the future safeguarding or release of individual wharves. Annex 5 includes site assessments for all wharves as a separate document.

The consultation draft and Annex 5 can be downloaded below.

In July 2012 the Mayor published a Further Consultation draft. Documents relating to this further consultation can be found below.

In March 2013 a ‘Final Recommendation’ document for submission to the Secretary of State for approval and issue of required new/revised Safeguarding Directions was produced. The documents can be found below.

2018 review

The Mayor is undertaking a review of the network of safeguarded wharves which will involve a three month public consultation. The following pieces of evidence will be made available once the consultation begins.

  • Safeguarded Wharves Review –  consultation draft
  • Strategic Environmental Appraisal of the Safeguarded Wharves Review, WSP Consultants
  • Forecasting London’s Freight Demand and Wharf Capacity on the Thames 2015-41, Ocean Shipping Consultants