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Land for Industry and Transport

Our Land for Industry and Transport supplementary planning guidance (SPG) provides guidance on the London Plan policies regarding land for industrial activities and transport. 

What guidance does the SPG provide?

The SPG includes guidance on:

  • the requirements of industrial land
  • surplus industrial land, including suitable locations and appropriate processes for its release
  • addressing the requirements of different sectors to enhance their competitiveness
  • emphasising the importance of good design in industrial development to address the Mayor’s broader concerns around the overall quality of London’s environment
  • identifying and protecting land for transport functions, including sites and routes which could be critical in developing infrastructure to widen transport choice

Which London Plan policies does the document provide guidance on?

This document sets out guidance to supplement the policies in the London Plan relating to land for industrial type activities and transport.

The SPG provides advice on how to implement these policies, in particular:

  • policy 2.17 on Strategic Industrial Locations
  • policy 4.4 on Managing Industrial Land and Premises
  • policy 6.2 on Providing Public Transport Capacity and Safeguarding Land for Transport

Although these policies relate to the London Plan 2011, they are still relevant to the London Plan 2015

The document

The Land for Industry and Transport SPG can be downloaded below.

Land for Industry and Transport SPG 


The Mayor’s response to the comments received to the comments received during the consultation period can be found below.

Land for Industry and Transport SPG - consultation response