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Creating a London Accessible to all

One of the Mayor’s aims for London is that everyone, whether resident, visitor or worker, is able to participate and enjoy all that the city has to offer. To help achieve this aim, the London Plan includes a number of policies which promote the development of an inclusive environment.

The Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on Accessible London provides advice on implementing inclusive design principles effectively, and on creating an accessible environment in London. This SPG has particular emphasis on the access needs of the capital’s disabled and older people. 

What guidance does the SPG provide?

The SPG includes the following:

  • guidance on the London Plan policies on creating and promoting an accessible and inclusive environment
  • give local planning authorities advice on how to incorporate and implement these policies
  • an explanation of the principles of inclusive design and how these principles should be applied in London
  • ideas for designers on where to find good technical advice and guidance
  • information of what to expect from planning in London for disabled people, older people and others who experience barriers in the built environment
  • legislation and national planning policy guidance relevant to the promotion of an inclusive environment
  • signposts to other relevant London Plan SPG documents and Implementation Guides which impact on the delivery of an inclusive environment.

Which London Plan policies does the document provide guidance on?

The Accessible London SPG provides guidance on various London Plan Polices of which policies 7.1 and 7.2 are the overarching policies. It provides guidance on accessibility and inclusive design in several areas including those related to;

  • Lifetime Neighbourhoods
  • Public Realm
  • Children and Young People’s Play and Informal Recreation Facilities
  • Transport
  • Parking
  • Walking
  • Housing
  • Town Centres
  • Protection and enhancement of social infrastructure
  • Visitor Infrastructure
  • Support for and enhancement of arts, culture, sport and entertainment
  • Heritage assets and archaeology

The document

The Accessible London SPG can be downloaded by clicking on the below link:

Accesible London SPG


The Mayor published the Accessible London SPG for public consultation for a period of 12 weeks until the 11 July 2014.

More information on the consultation can be found on the following link: