Good Quality Homes for all Londoners SPG Pre-consultation draft

Housing is the most common land use in London, yet there is not enough. Many more homes need to be build, but to achieve this we need to make the best use of available land and ensure homes are of the quality that Londoners deserve. The design of housing can significantly affect the quality of our lives and our mental and physical wellbeing. Well design housing can meet changing needs of its residents and help create great places for new and existing residents.  

This draft Supplementary Planning Guidance sets out how to get the right quantity of new housing, at the right quality, in the right places.

What is the Good Quality Homes for all Londoners SPG?

This document is for information only. A draft of the Good Quality Homes for all Londoners SPG will be formally consulted on post publication of the London Plan. 
The Good quality homes for all Londoners SPG is a set of documents designed to ensure that land is used in the best way to deliver good quality homes that Londoners’ need. 
This housing design guidance is made up of a foreword and four modules that work together to support the implementation of a number of the London Plan’s policies.

  • ForewordGood Quality Homes For All Londoners
  • Module AOptimising Site Capacity - A Design-led Approach
  • Module B: Small Housing Developments - Assessing Quality and Preparing Design Codes
  • Module C: Housing Design - Quality and Standards
  • Module D part 1Housing Design - Case Studies
  • Module D part 2: Housing Design - Case Studies (continued) and Appendices.

Why do we need it?

The London Plan require a design-led approach to delivering growth through the delivery of high quality places and optimising the capacity of sites. The Plan also contains policies on housing quality and standards which the Mayor has committed to developing guidance on. The Good Quality Homes for all Londoners SPG supports landowners, developers, architects and wider design teams, planners and decision-makers across the public, private and community sectors in implementing these policies. 

Site capacity toolkit

Module A explains how to apply a design-led approach to optimising site capacity. Capacity testing on large sites is intended to be undertaken digitally using simple CAD software such as SketchUp or other CAD software. Below is a link to downloadable digital models of residential types described in Module A and an Indicative Site Capacity Calculator to be used with the residential types. Section 4 of Module A explains how to use these tools. 

The documents are available on the London Datastore.

How was this prepared?

The draft SPG has been developed with by a broad network of built environment professionals and stakeholders, including the Mayor’s Design Advocates, young Londoners working with the Stephen Lawrence Trust, and borough officers through Urban Design London. 

What's next?

The draft Good Quality Homes for all Londoners SPG was launched on the 2nd March 2020 at the Designing a City for All Londoners: Good Growth by Design event. 
More information the Good Growth by Design programme can be found here
A draft of the Good Quality Homes for all Londoners SPG will be formally consulted on post publication of the London Plan. The current status of the London Plan can be found here.

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