‘Be seen’ energy monitoring guidance - Pre-consultation draft

To truly achieve net zero-carbon buildings, we need to have a better understanding of their actual operational energy performance and work towards bridging the ‘performance gap’ between design theory and actual energy use.

Draft London Plan Policy SI 2 sets out the ‘be seen’ requirement for all major development proposals to monitor and report on their actual operational energy performance. The ‘be seen’ policy will help us to understand the performance gap and identify ways of closing it while ensuring compliance with London’s net zero-carbon target. Guidance has been published to explain how to comply with this policy as well as a reporting spreadsheet which planning applicants will be expected to use.

What is the ‘be seen’ energy monitoring guidance?

This document is for information. It will be formally consulted on post publication of the London Plan.  

The document explains the process that needs to be followed to comply with the post construction monitoring requirement of draft London Plan Policy SI 2 i.e. the ‘be seen’ element of the energy hierarchy. It is aimed at those involved in the planning, design, construction, delivery and operation of new major development.  

It sets out what each responsible party needs to do to comply with the policy from the inception stage of a development to full occupancy. It provides information on the ‘be seen’ monitoring portal and explains how and when to report to the GLA.

The guidance has been developed with technical expertise from Verco and through engagement with a wide range of stakeholders including developers and industry experts.

Local authorities should secure the reporting requirements through a legal agreement (S106 agreement) with the applicant. A template with wording that may be used for this purpose will be available shortly.

What's next?

A draft of the ‘be seen’ energy monitoring guidance will be formally consulted on post publication of the London Plan. The current status of the London Plan can be found here.

Upon publication of the London Plan, applicants will need to report against the performance indicators at each reporting stage by downloading the ‘be seen’ reporting spreadsheet above. Once the information has been completed the spreadsheet should be emailed to: [email protected]

The online ‘be seen’ monitoring portal will be available later in 2020 and applicants will then be able to report via this portal instead of emailing information to the GLA. The portal will be hosted on the London Building Stock Model (LBSM) website and will contain a summary of the building’s estimated and actual performance. Once the portal is available this webpage and the guidance document will be updated to explain how to report via the portal.

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