Tree and woodland strategies

The Preparing Borough Tree and Woodland Strategies supplementary planning guidance (SPG) gives guidance on the London Plan policies regarding trees and woodland.

It is a joint publication with the Forestry Commission and was published by the Mayor on the 26 February 2013. 

What guidance does the SPG provide?

The SPG provides guidance on:

  • the audit, protection and management of trees and woodland, in line with policy 7.21 of the London Plan
  • the asset value of trees and woodland, both in financial terms and the broad range of economic and environmental benefits they provide
  • ‘urban forests’, in which all the trees in a borough are considered a single unified resource
  • extending the concept of an ‘urban forest’ across boundaries so that the cumulative benefits of trees to Londoners can be enhanced
  • taking a step by step approach to the management of trees and woodland.

The document

The Preparing Borough Tree and Woodland Strategies SPG can be downloaded below

Preparing Borough Tree and Woodland Strategies SPG

Additionally, two case studies showing the approach taken by one inner and outer London borough are attached below.

Green Infrastructure & Open Environment case studies


The Mayor published this SPG for public consultation for a period of 12 weeks from 30 January – 23 April 2012. A summary of the consultation responses can be found below.

Tree and Woodland Strategies SPG consultation responses

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