Sustainable Design and Construction

The Mayor published supplementary planning guidance (SPG) on sustainable design and construction.

What guidance does the SPG provide?

 To support the policies in the London Plan the Sustainable Design and Construction SPG includes guidance on:

  • energy efficient design
  • meeting the carbon dioxide reduction targets
  • decentralised energy
  • how to offset carbon dioxide where the targets set out in the London Plan are not met
  • retro-fitting measures
  • support for monitoring energy use during occupation
  • an introduction to resilience and demand side response
  • air quality neutral
  • resilience to flooding
  • urban greening
  • pollution control
  • basements policy and developments
  • local food growing

Which London Plan policies does the document provide guidance on?

This SPG provides guidance on the implementation of London Plan policy 5.3 - Sustainable Design and Construction. It also features guidance on a range of other policies, primarily in Chapters 5 and 7, which deal with matters relating to environmental sustainability.

The document

The Sustainable Design and Construction SPG can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Sustainable Design and Construction SPG

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