Safeguarded Wharves

Since 2000 there has been a network of wharves in London protected by Safeguarding Directions issued by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. These Directions require that the Mayor is consulted prior to the granting of planning permission on a Safeguarded Wharf. As set out in the current and draft London Plan, these wharves are safeguarded for the purposes of water-borne freight handling.

The network was expanded in 2005, and a review attempted in 2011-2013.

In 2018 the Mayor commenced a further review and is recommending some changes to the network.

Safeguarded Wharves Review 2018 - 2019

The Mayor is currently undertaking a review of the network of Safeguarded Wharves to ensure that London's need for waterborne freight-handling uses is met. 

Round Two Consultation – August 2019

In response to matters raised, the Mayor is proposing minor changes to the boundaries of some wharves within the network. The Mayor issued the following document for a six week public consultation that closed at 6pm on Wednesday 2 October 2019:

Following consideration of submissions received, the Mayor will submit his recommendations for safeguarding to the Secretary of State. It will then be for the Secretary of State to determine if they support the recommendations. 

Round One Consultation - August 2018

The Mayor issued a suite of documents for the Round One public consultation in 2018. The Mayor has carefully considered the responses received and has released a draft Consultation Summary Report responding to the main issues raised.

The Mayor issued the following documents for the 3 month public consultation that closed at 5pm on Friday 17 August 2018:

Safeguarded Wharves Review 2011 - 2013

An attempt was made by the Mayor to update the network in 2011-13. The Secretary of State chose not to endorse the recommended changes.

In October 2011 the Mayor published a consultation setting out the results of a Review of the safeguarding of wharves on London's waterways. The Review made recommendations on the future safeguarding or release of individual wharves, with Annex 5 setting out individual site assessments. 

In July 2012 the Mayor published a Further Consultation draft, a Further Consultation draft Annex 5, a draft Statement of Consultation, and a Habitats Regulation Assessment

In March 2013 the final Recommendations, Annex 5, and Statement of Consultation were submitted to the Secretary of State for approval. The Secretary of State chose not to endorse the recommended changes and no new or revised Safeguarding Directions were issued.

Safeguarded Wharves: London Plan Implementation Report 2005

As noted above, the network was expanded in 2005, with a London Plan Implementation Report issued. This led to the issuing of further Safeguarding Directions by the Secretary of State. 

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