London’s Foundations

The London’s Foundations supplementary planning guidance (SPG) is a joint publication with Natural England setting out London’s geological heritage. 

What guidance does the SPG provide?

The SPG includes guidance on:

  • the geological heritage of London
  • strategically important features found in open spaces that are recommended for protection
  • how the regionally and locally important sites were selected, and the quality of these sites
  • regionally important sites for boroughs to consider including in Local Development Documents
  • potential locally important sites for boroughs to consider for identification in Local Development Documents
  • how boroughs can implement the aims of protecting and promoting geodiversity

The Mayor supports the work of the London Geodiversity Partnership. Their website [] contains a wealth of material on London’s Geodiversity.

Which London Plan policies does the document provide guidance on?

The London Plan aims to protect and promote geodiversity in London (see Policy 7.20 and Map 7.4). These can be Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS) or Locally Important Geological Sites (LIGS). These sites, along with the designated national sites, are of strategic importance for geodiversity across London.

This document identifies suitable RIGS and provides guidance to enable the boroughs to identify LIGS, which would represent additional sites of local value.

Although these policies relate to the London Plan 2011, they are still relevant to the London Plan 2015

The document

The SPG is available in pdf files to download, below. Because of the size of the pdf, the main text and the appendices are also available as separate files.

Londons Foundations SPG

Londons Foundations main text

London Foundations appendices

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