London View Management Framework

There are some important views across the capital, from parks and other public spaces that take in important buildings, to urban landscapes that help define London. The London Plan protects these and provides the basis for more detailed guidance on each view. This is called the London View Management Framework (LVMF).

The document

The London View Management Framework SPG March 2012 is available in PDF files. Because of the size of the PDF document, it is available to download in three parts.

For high-resolution documents please see the below link. 

London View Management high-resolution files

NB. In the published LVMF (March 2012) there is an error on page 282 in last stages of the procedure used to calculate the maximum permitted development for sites that fall within the foreground of a Protected Vista - the Viewing Corridor. Please read the Erratum to the March 2012 LVMF (available to download below) before completing the calculations.

2015 Erratum to the 2012 LVMF SPG

Secretary of State directions

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has issued directions in relation to 13 protected vistas.

The directions place additional consultation and referral requirements on development that exceeds the threshold plane of protected vistas. These are available to download below.

Secretary of State Directions


A draft London View Management Framework SPG was consulted upon between July and October 2011, with a further consultation on view 27 (Parliament Square to the Palace of Westminster) in January 2012. 

Taking into account the representations received as part of the consultation, a final LVMF SPG March 2012 is now published. The statement of consultation is available to download below.

Statement of Consultation