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Thamesmead & Abbey Wood Opportunity Area

The Mayor of London, Transport for London, RB Greenwich and LB Bexley are working together to prepare an Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) for the Thamesmead and Abbey Wood Opportunity Area.

The Thamesmead and Abbey Wood OAPF consultation draft was published for a 12-week consultation period from Tuesday 17 December to Tuesday 10 March 2020.

The consultation is now closed.

What happens after the consultation period?

Feedback gathered during the consultation will inform the final OAPF set to be published in Autumn 2020. A summary of feedback gathered from local communities, businesses and key stakeholders will published alongside the OAPF.


The draft London Plan identifies the Thamesmead and Abbey Wood as an ‘Opportunity Area’ capable of accommodating significant further growth (Policy SD1 Opportunity Areas). The Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) will be Supplementary Planning Guidance to the Intend to Publish London Plan and will give a more detailed interpretation and intent of Policy SD1 in the Intend to Publish London Plan.

What will this OAPF do?

It will:

  • set out strategic planning, regeneration and design guidance.
  • be a guide for emerging development up to 2041. 
  • provide a steer for forthcoming Local Plan policy reviews.  
  • be a material consideration in planning decisions that fall within its boundary.  It does not establish new policies and must be read in the context of the London Plan and the relevant Borough Development Plans.

Past events

  • Thurs 30 Jan 2020, 5pm-8pm, Thamesmere Library, SE28 8DT
  • Sat 1 Feb 2020, 10am - 1pm, Sainsbury's Abbey Wood, SE2 9NU
  • Sat 15 Feb 2020, 1pm - 4pm, Sainsbury's Abbey Wood, SE2 9NU
  • Thurs 20 Feb 2020, 5pm-8pm, Thamesmere Library, SE28 8DT
  • Tues 25 Feb 2020, 5pm - 8pm Sports Club Thamesmead, Mead Bar, SE28 8NJ
  • Weds 26 Feb 2020, 10am - 5.30pm Thamesmead Information Hub, DA18 4BW

For further information, please contact the team by email with the title ‘OAPF Query’ to: [email protected].

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