Thamesmead & Abbey Wood Opportunity Area

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The draft London Plan identifies the Thamesmead and Abbey Wood as an ‘Opportunity Area’ capable of accommodating significant further growth (Policy SD1 Opportunity Areas). The Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) will be Supplementary Planning Guidance to the Draft London Plan and will give a more detailed interpretation and intent of Policy SD1 in the Draft London Plan. 

The Mayor of London, in partnership with Transport for London (TfL), Royal Borough of Greenwich and London Borough of Bexley are preparing the Thamesmead and Abbey Wood OAPF.

What will this OAPF do?

It will:

  • set out strategic planning, regeneration and design guidance.
  • be a guide for emerging development up to 2041. 
  • provide a steer for forthcoming Local Plan policy reviews.  
  • be a material consideration in planning decisions that fall within its boundary.  It does not establish new policies and must be read in the context of the London Plan and the relevant Borough Development Plans.

What does this mean for Thamesmead and Abbey Wood?

Thamesmead and Abbey Wood (T&AW) is one of the largest areas of opportunity in London. It is home to almost 40,000 people - a population likely to more than double in the next few decades. T&AW forms one of four interlinked Opportunity Areas (OAs) in the Thames Estuary. The Thames Estuary has the largest concentration of OAs in London with potential for over 250,000 new homes and 200,000 new jobs. The Mayor is working with the Thames Gateway Strategic Group and Thames Estuary Growth Commission to support and promote investment in the estuary, both within and outside London.

This OAPF supports the delivery of key physical and social infrastructure to the area.  It will set out how to enhance the unique qualities that make these areas of change attractive, inclusive and sustainable places to live and work. Future development will be driven by the Good Growth policies (Policy GG1-6) set out in the Draft London Plan.

The OAPF will set out a strategic urban design framework that illustrates how many of the opportunities and challenges facing the T&AW OA can be addressed. These include:

  • the creation of a new local centre around Abbey Wood station, the revitalisation of Thamesmead town centre and Plumstead High Street; and improved local transit connections
  • demonstrating how new transport infrastructure including the opening of the Elizabeth Line and the proposed DLR extension from Gallions Reach are needed to support high density development and provide access to areas of significant employment growth, such as the Royal Docks for existing and new residents of Thamesmead. 
  • the redevelopment and intensification of employment sites to enable a range of new activities and workspaces to be created in parallel with new housing development
  • reviewing open space provision to create better quality, publicly accessible open spaces
  • demonstrating how new development can ensure there is no net loss of industrial floorspace capacity.

We want to hear from you

As part of the OAPF process, an intensive period of engagement and workshops will take place from August to early September 2019. These events will inform the draft OAPF for public consultation which will be published for an 8-week period in winter 2019.

Scheduled events

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The Thamesmead Information Hub, Yarnton Way

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