Isle of Dogs and South Poplar Opportunity Area

The Mayor of London, and Transport for London are working together to prepare an Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) for the Isle of Dogs & South Poplar in consultation with Tower Hamlets Council. The Isle of Dogs & South Poplar OAPF was adopted by the Mayor of London on Monday 14 October 2019, and be can found here. 


Unique amongst London’s Opportunity Areas, the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar is currently experiencing intense development pressure, mainly in the form of new, very high density housing. The Isle of Dogs and South Poplar has considerable potential to grow and deliver many of the homes and jobs that London needs, but unlike some other opportunity areas, it also has established residential and commercial communities, and the views of these communities on the impacts of growth are important to take into account. Growth should benefit existing communities and this OAPF sets out a strategy to break down barriers and increase access to opportunities between the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar.


To make sure that housing and employment growth is well-supported by the necessary infrastructure, the OAPF identifies what infrastructure is needed and suggests ways to deliver this, to make sure that the Mayor’s ‘good growth’ agenda is delivered. A key aim of the OAPF is to encourage more local employment opportunities that build on the success of Canary Wharf as a world economic centre while also delivering successful and vibrant town centres across the opportunity area. The OAPF is a design-led document which highlights where locally designated site allocations can be joined together to maximise benefits. The Isle of Dogs & South Poplar OAPF also sets out a strategy to make sure that development in the area is well-coordinated to minimise disruption and maximise benefits for local communities.


The aim of the Isle of Dogs & South Poplar OAPF is to provide greater certainty to the community on how they can influence development and to guide developers through the production of a coordinated planning document to manage pressures of growth and secure infrastructure delivery. The Isle of Dogs & South Poplar OAPF has a detailed Local Connections Design Guide which will also improve local and strategic connections, ensure high quality urban design for new developments and help local communities get better access to services and employment opportunities. The Isle of Dogs & South Poplar OAPF sets out a delivery and monitoring strategy with a number of recommendations to help manage the impacts of construction and ensure timely delivery of supporting infrastructure in the future.

Statement of public consultation

A draft version of the OAPF was published for consultation between 6 June 2018 and 1 August 2018. As a result of this, consultation responses were submitted by a variety of stakeholders including developers, agents, borough councils, campaigning groups, and local residents. Responses were analysed and, where appropriate, the OAPF was updated. A consultation report (Appendix E) has been published alongside the final adopted OAPF setting out the responses received and the action taken.

Supporting documents

The adopted Isle of Dogs and South Poplar OAPF and relevant supporting documents can be downloaded below. 

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