View of Canary Wharf from the Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs and South Poplar Opportunity Area

The Mayor of London, and Transport for London are working together to prepare an Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) for the Isle of Dogs & South Poplar in consultation with Tower Hamlets Council.


Unique amongst London’s Opportunity Areas, the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar is currently experiencing intense development pressure, mainly because of new, very high density housing. The Isle of Dogs has the potential to grow and deliver many of the homes and jobs that London needs, but unlike some other opportunity areas, it also has established residential and commercial communities, and the views of these communities on growth are important.


To make sure that housing and employment growth is well-supported, the OAPF will identify what infrastructure is needed and suggest ways to make sure it is delivered. The OAPF will also try to make sure that development is well-coordinated to minimise disruption and maximise benefits for local communities. A key aim of the OAPF will be to encourage more local employment opportunities that build on the success of Canary Wharf as a world economic centre as part of delivering successful and vibrant town centres.


The GLA, Tower Hamlets Council and TfL are listening to the concerns of local residents and will continue to engage with stakeholders while the OAPF is being written. The aim of this is to provide greater certainty to the community and developers through the production of a coordinated planning document to manage pressures of growth and secure infrastructure delivery. The OAPF will also improve local and strategic connections, ensure high quality urban design for new developments and help local communities get better access to services and employment opportunities. The OAPF will have a delivery and monitoring strategy to help manage the impacts of construction and also to allow the to be updated in future.

Get Involved

Talking to local people

We are currently working on a draft OAPF which will be supported by ongoing work on a Development Infrastructure Funding study, and TfL are developing a package of transport options across the wider East London area. Whilst we are doing this we’d like to know what you think.

  • Join us at the Tower Hamlets Mayoral Assembly at Jack Dash House at 7pm on 8th February 2017, where we will be presenting alongside Tower Hamlets and the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Forum
  • Can’t make the Mayoral Assembly? We will be holding a community drop-in exhibition in local area in Spring 2017 (details tbc)
  • If you are a key stakeholder, we would like to meet with you to help us identify issues important to the local community
  • If you have any ideas  on how to make the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar a better place to live, work and relax contact us at [email protected]

Public consultation and participation

We are aiming to publish the draft OAPF and draft DIF Study Spring / Summer 2017. We’ll keep you informed about when and how you can comment by:

  • Launching the draft OAPF for consultation in the local area
  • Publishing a press release in local newspapers
  • Making the documents available to view and comment on at your local Idea Store and online on our web page
  • Holding focus groups for detailed feedback on specific issues

Statement of public consultation

When we have revised the final document in response to consultation feedback we’ll include a statement of public consultation which will summarise the issues you have raised and how we have revised the document to address these.