Why is knife crime a problem for London?

Knife crime is something we are seeing an increase in nationally, and it's important to remember that London is still one of the safest major cities in the world. The Metropolitan Police are working tirelessly to keep children and young people safe.

However, London has seen huge cuts by national government to many crucial services and these must end. After years of cuts and underfunding, officer numbers at the Met are likely to dip below 30,000 for the first time since 2003.

The Mayor has called on the government again to ensure that London and the Metropolitan Police have the funding needed to keep London and Londoners safe. The security and the safety of Londoners is the Mayor's top priority.

Since 2014 crime has been going up in London, and across England and Wales. Whilst this is no consolation to victims of crime or bereaved families, the fact is that crime is going up less in London.