Combating serious violent crime

Mayor Sadiq Khan is taking action against the scourge of violent crime in London, together with the Met Police. With the tragic rise in knife killings this year he's introduced tough, immediate measures to address the violence.

The Mayor is determined to ensure criminals are caught and punished.

Here's what the Mayor is doing:

Boosting police power

  • The Mayor has established a Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) and is providing £15 million annually to support its operation. The taskforce enables the MPS to be even more proactive on the streets of the capital, bearing down on violent crime and serious criminality. Violence is still at very serious levels but, since the VCTF was launched in April 2018 up until the end of May 2019, the command has carried out 8,452 weapons sweeps, recovered 910 knives, 651 offensive weapons, 299 firearms and arrested 4,937 suspects
  • Between April 2018 up until the end of May 2019, wider activity across the MPS targeting violence has seen 47,527 weapon sweeps carried out, 3,230 knives recovered along with 1,501 offensive weapons and 769 firearms
  • The Met Police has introduced patrols using targeted stop and search for areas worst-affected by knife crime. We have seen an increase in weapons-focused stop and searches of 13,548 up to June 2018 - an increase of almost 20 per cent
  • The Mayor is protecting the number of frontline police officers on London’s streets by investing an additional £140 million in the Met Police
  • City Hall is paying a greater percentage of the overall police budget in the capital than ever before - up from 18 per cent in 2010 to 23 per cent now

Preventing future violence

  • Knife wands are now available for every school in London to help keep young people safe, with 200 schools so far taking up the offer
  • The Mayor is working to bring in more Safer Schools Officers to help drive down knife crime in schools
  • The Mayor is working with the Met Police, Trading Standards and London retailers to stop knives getting into the hands of underage Londoners. We are supporting and promoting the National Business Crime Centre’s Top Ten Tips for preventing the underage sale and theft of knives to all London retailers
  • The Deputy Mayor held a Business Community Safety Summit in April, bringing together a wide range of businesses, security professionals and community representatives to explore good practice in relation to preventing and responding to serious incidents of violence within business premises and within that looked at how to support the principles for safe havens and safeguarding. The Summit will share good practice through the development of an online toolkit that can support businesses and havens to prepare for and reduce the risk of a serious incident of violence occurring, respond in the period immediately after an incident of serious violence occurs and support employees, customers and wider community to recover from such an incident in the longer-term

Action plans under way

  • The Mayor has announced plans for a new Violence Reduction Unit. Building on existing partnerships, it will bring together specialists to work together to reduce violence in the capital by taking a public health approach
  • The Mayor has published a new Knife Crime Strategy - a package of tough and comprehensive measures to tackle knife crime - taking in views from bereaved families and victims. It was the first by a London Mayor
  • He hosted an Education Knife Crime Summit in 2016, bringing together Ofsted, educators, the Met and families to work on anti knife crime education in schools
  • Every London borough now has its own knife crime action plan to tackle violence locally, created in partnership with the Met

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