Business crime

The nature of crime is changing and raises new challenges where new crimes are often harder to detect, predict and prevent.


Cyber crime

MOPAC wants Londoners to be as safe online as they are on the streets. E-commerce and online technology have provided huge benefits to how we live our daily lives, but we need to do more collectively to secure the digital space.

The Government has classified cyber-crime to be a Tier 1 Threat, with new figures reporting losses of  £91.2m to London’s citizens and businesses in the six months to September last year. See the attached cyber and fraud profiles published recently by City of London Police.

The London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) was launched in 2015 to help small businesses manage cyber risks and threats. More information can be found on the LDSC website.

MOPAC will be working hard on further initiatives to help citizens and businesses be safe, confident and successful in the digital age.

If you are the victim of suspected cyber crime or fraud, please report it at the Action Fraud website.

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