Police Misconduct Appeal – Ex MSC David Rose

Date: Tuesday 22 March 2016
Time: 10:00am
Venue: City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA

Tribunal information

Ex MSC David Rose appeal against the outcome following findings made under the Police Conduct Regulation of 2012.


Finding made under the 2012 Conduct Regulations:

  1. Ex MSC David Rose failed to attend a court appearance – gross misconduct
  2. Whilst travelling in a marked police vehicle, ex MSC David Rose activated the blue light and two tones when not permitted or trained to do so – gross misconduct
  3. Ex MSC David Rose used unnecessary and disproportionate force during an arrest, leading to damage to a car window - misconduct
  4. Ex MSC David Rose failed to process lost property - misconduct

Standards of Professional Behaviour breached:

The panel found that Ex MSC David Rose breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour, in particular those paragraphs relating to:

  • Discreditable Conduct - four counts
  • Use of Force – one count
  • Duties and Responsibilities – two counts
  • Orders and Instructions – two counts

Taken together the panel found that the breaches of Standards of Professional Behaviour were so serious as to amount to Gross Misconduct.

Outcome following misconduct hearing

Dismissal without notice


Appeal allowed.

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