Contract Award for Supply of Discreet Cars

Reference code: 
PCD 216
Date signed: 
20 June 2017
Authorisation name: 
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Policing and Crime

Executive summary

This paper seeks approval to award a range of contracts for the purchase of Discreet vehicles via the Crown and Commercial Services (CCS) Vehicle Purchase Framework Agreement (Ref. RM1070) for an aggregated value of £4,839,887 over 24 months.


The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime is asked to approve the award of 18 contracts for the supply of up to a maximum of 215 discreet vehicles:
•    The contracts are awarded following a direct award tender process under the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Vehicles Purchase Framework Agreement.
•    The total contract value is £4,839,887
•    The contract duration is for 24 months.

Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

1.    Introduction and background

1.1.    The MPS operates a fleet of 5,108 cars, vans, minibuses, motorcycles, large goods vehicles, marine vehicles, along with items of plant and equipment. The fleet is supported by 2,067 pedal cycles. The fleet profile and distribution across operational business groups supports the Police and Crime Plan and enables the MPS to have a mobile workforce which is capable of responding to incidents, protecting victims and vulnerable people, transporting officers and equipment across London and the UK.

1.2.    Discreet Cars are part of the MPS Vehicle Replacement Programme for 2017/18. The fuel and emission strategy adopted for this tender stipulated that compliant vehicles would need to be either petrol or hybrid fuelled and must meet the latest Euro 6 emission standard. The ratio across the entire tender is as follows:
•    192 Petrol vehicles
•    23 Hybrid vehicles

2.    Issues for consideration

2.1.    See the Part 2 for details.

3.    Financial Comments

3.1.    The MPS requires capital funding of £4,839,887 and this is provided for in the Fleet Services Capital Programme 2017/18.  The sum of £4m has been allocated to provide replacement of 176 discreet cars that are in line with the vehicle replacement parameters. The tender volume and value also provides for a contingency of up to 39 additional vehicles at an estimated value of £839,000. These vehicles, if required would provide cover for unforeseen write offs and to provide flexibility to meet future changes in operational requirements. The contingency is separately provided for in the Fleet Services Capital Programme to the replacement of 176 discreet cars.

3.2.    Further details are discussed in the Part 2. 

4.    Legal Comments

4.1.    There are no legal implications arising from this report.

5.    Equality Comments

5.1.    There are no direct equality or diversity implications arising from this report

6.    Background/supporting papers

6.1.    Report.

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