Mobility Mobile Devices & Solution Delivery & Integration Management

Reference code: 
PCD 44
Date signed: 
18 August 2016
Authorisation name: 
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Policing and Crime

Executive summary

This report requests approval for advanced funding in respect of Mobility Mobile Devices and of a contract change notice in relation to the SIAM contract to include a Solution Delivery & Integration Management (SDIM) Function.


The DMPC is asked to approve:

  1. advanced funding of £7.93m in respect of Mobility Mobile Devices;
  2. a contract change notice in relation to the SIAM contract to include a Solution Delivery & Integration Management (SDIM) Function at a cost of £10.8m over 7 years, and
  3. one off project costs of £5.55m to implement the SDIM function of which £0.55m is an additional call on reserves

Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)


Introduction and background

Mobile devices project is the key enabler to mobilise the MPS, and support the MPS to transform its way of operating to become a more agile modern police force.

Similarly, the implementation of a revised Solution Delivery Model is a component of the Digital Policing Transformation Programme and a key enabler for the One Met Model. The DP Target Operating Model and the revised Solution Delivery Model have been designed to deliver improved technology solutions to the MPS and reduce operating costs.


Issues for consideration

Without the approval of further funding drawdown, the Mobile Devices project will be delayed, resulting in delays to completion of the OMM2020 organisational transformation programme.

The early funding requested for the Mobile Devices project is due to the revised submission date of the Final Business Case from June 2016 to October 2016, so that the OMM 2020 programme’s tested benefits and fixed costs proposals from suppliers with committed timescales can be incorporated.

The case for implementation of a new model for Solution Delivery is based on anticipated improvements in project delivery; with more effective solutions delivered to meet schedule, cost and quality requirements.

Over the next 5 years an estimated £500m will be invested in IT and it is essential that Digital Policing have a robust, efficient and effective delivery engine in order to achieve the best value for money from that investment.

Failure to implement a new model for Solution Delivery will also be detrimental to performance of other elements of the DP TOM, which are to be (or have been) implemented.


Financial Comments

With regards to mobility mobile devices, this report is requesting £7.93m from the approved capital budget of £9.5m for 2016/17. The balance in the capital plan that will be requested in the final business case is £32.17m. Overall costs are not affected by the release of advanced funding.

Expenditure of £10.8m in relation to the SDIM contract change notice will be contained within existing cash limits by transferring savings generated in staffing to supplies and services budgets. ‘One-off’ project costs of £5.55m will be funded from an approved use of central redundancy and DP reserves.


Legal Comments

Advice from external lawyers included within the OBC for SDIM, confirms that there is a low or medium risk of a successful challenge.

The recommendation can be lawfully approved in accordance with MOPAC Contract Regulations and EU/UK Procurement law.

In accordance with the MOPAC Scheme of Delegation and Consent (4.8) the DMPC must approve business cases for revenue or capital expenditure of £500,000 and above; (4.13), the DMPC must approve all contract exemptions for £100,000 or above, and (4.8) all transfers to and from reserves.


Equality Comments

There are no equality or diversity issues