NSY Exit Programme – Technology Infrastructure

Reference code: 
DMPCD 2015 147
Date signed: 
21 December 2015
Authorisation name: 
Stephen Greenhalgh (past staff), Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

Executive summary

MOPAC approved the HQ Estates Strategy in December 2012 which included significant refurbishment of a number of existing sites including the disposal of New Scotland Yard (NSY).  This included funding of £22.7m for the relocation of technology.  Following approval there has been a number of changes to the scope of the project including the identification of additional systems requiring relocation.  This paper requests re-allocation within the approved budget to reflect these changes, and additional funding of £3m. MPS has confirmed that there will be no further request for additional funding for Digital Policing NSY Exit Programme.


The DMPC is asked to approve, relating to the re-location of technology resulting from the release of New Scotland Yard,
1.    the re-allocation of funding within the currently approved budget, 
2.    additional capital funding of £3m to be met from the 2016/20 Capital Programme, and
3.    delegation to the Commercial Director (formerly the Director of Procurement Services) to undertake all necessary procurements and contract awards, subject to MOPAC call in.


Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

1.     Introduction and background

1.1     In December 2012, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) supported MPS Management Board proposals to redefine the Central London Estate. Proposals include refurbishing the Curtis Green Building and Block B 98/102 Lambeth Road, Lambeth and a number of smaller subsidiary buildings to support the release of New Scotland Yard (NSY) and 58 Buckingham Gate. 

2.     Issues for consideration

2.1    A number of changes to the project as it was envisaged in 2012 have occurred resulting in changes to the number of systems requiring relocation and the time available to re-locate them.  Examples include an increase from 3 to eleven of the sites to which NSY users would relocate, delays in town planning approval and restrictions on building programmes for Curtis Green, and the capacity of data centres. 
2.2    The MPS has identified additional non-corporate/stand-alone systems at NSY.  This has resulted in 32 systems defined as critical to operations and needing to be relocated, and with the impact of the issues above resulted in an estimated additional cost of £3m.  MPS has provided assurance that there will be no further requests for additional funding for the relocation of Digital Policing infrastructure for NSY.
2.3    The overall HQ Estate Strategy continues to generate net capital proceeds to support the MOPAC Capital Programme and to deliver a net revenue saving of £6.4m p.a.

3.     Financial Comments

3.1    The estimated cost of the additional technology infrastructure relocation works is £3m.  This cost will be funded from within the proposed MPS Capital Programme 2016/20. There are no additional revenue costs arising from this decision.

4.     Legal Comments

4.1      This report provides an update in relation to the works proposed at NSY and seeks funding for those works. 
4.2    Section 6 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (“the Act”) provides the MOPAC must secure the maintenance of the Metropolitan Police Force, and secure that the Metropolitan Police Force is efficient and effective.
4.3    In carrying out its functions, the MOPAC may, under paragraph 7, Schedule 3 of “the Act “do anything which is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the exercise of the functions of the Office”. This includes, entering into contracts and other agreements, in addition to acquiring and disposing of property (including land).

6.     Equality Comments

6.1     There are no direct equality and diversity implications