Ammunition and Specialist Natures

Reference code: 
PCD 259
Date signed: 
01 February 2018
Authorisation name: 
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Policing and Crime

Executive summary

This proposal requests approval to enter into a competitive procurement process which evaluates suitability and performance for use of ammunitions, for the award of new multiple contracts.

These contracts will be awarded for a period of approximately four years where upon this entire process will need to be repeated and every four years thereafter. 

It is requested that the MPS be allowed to competitively compete for ammunition contracts where there is not any current evaluation data available and where there is evaluation data held by UK SME that demonstrates improved performance over existing police ammunition this be considered for immediate contract.


The DMPC is asked to allow;
•    The MPS to enter into a competitive contract process and/or collaborative partnership with the MOD in order to provide the most suitable ammunition for Armed Police duties across the MPS and fulfil commercial procurement legal requirements.

Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

1.    Introduction and background

1.1.    The MPS provides an Armed Policing capability from several armed commands, each of which provide a specialist role. Within these commands there are several weapon systems of various calibres that are employed to support these roles. Each calibre requires a specific ammunition type in order for it to be suitable for deployment, with some commands requiring a more diverse range of ammunition types.

2.    Issues for consideration

2.1.    To ensure the sustainment of firearms training and operational capability the MPS request to move to a supply contract or MOU with UK partner agencies.

2.2.    Further detail is in Part 2

3.    Financial Comments

3.1    See Part 2 for detail

4.    Legal Comments

4.1.    DLS confirms that the recommendations can be approved on the basis that Commercial and Legal Services help to ensure that the specific procurement processes adopted to purchase the ammunition in future are compliant with relevant law and regulations.

5.    Equality Comments

5.1.    There are no direct equality or diversity implications arising from this report

6.    Background/supporting papers

6.1.    None.